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City Statistics - Get Average Family Household Income and High School Rating Statistics by City

# City Province Property Value Family Income School Rating
1 Toronto Ontario Toronto Property Values Toronto Family Incomes Toronto School Ratings
2 Montreal Quebec Montreal Property Values Montreal Family Incomes Montreal School Ratings
3 Calgary Alberta Calgary Property Values Calgary Family Incomes Calgary School Ratings
4 Ottawa Ontario Ottawa Property Values Ottawa Family Incomes Ottawa School Ratings
5 Edmonton Alberta Edmonton Property Values Edmonton Family Incomes Edmonton School Ratings
6 Mississauga Ontario Mississauga Property Values Mississauga Family Incomes Mississauga School Ratings
7 Winnipeg Manitoba Winnipeg Property Values Winnipeg Family Incomes Winnipeg School Ratings
8 Vancouver British Columbia Vancouver Property Values Vancouver Family Incomes Vancouver School Ratings
9 Hamilton Ontario Hamilton Property Values Hamilton Family Incomes Hamilton School Ratings
10 Quebec City Quebec Quebec City Property Values Quebec City Family Incomes Quebec City School Ratings
11 Brampton Ontario Brampton Property Values Brampton Family Incomes Brampton School Ratings
12 Surrey British Columbia Surrey Property Values Surrey Family Incomes Surrey School Ratings
13 Halifax Nova Scotia Halifax Property Values Halifax Family Incomes Halifax School Ratings
14 Laval Quebec Laval Property Values Laval Family Incomes Laval School Ratings
15 London Ontario London Property Values London Family Incomes London School Ratings
16 Markham Ontario Markham Property Values Markham Family Incomes Markham School Ratings
17 Gatineau Quebec Gatineau Property Values Gatineau Family Incomes Gatineau School Ratings
18 Vaughan Ontario Vaughan Property Values Vaughan Family Incomes Vaughan School Ratings
19 Longueuil Quebec Longueuil Property Values Longueuil Family Incomes Longueuil School Ratings
20 Windsor Ontario Windsor Property Values Windsor Family Incomes Windsor School Ratings
21 Kitchener Ontario Kitchener Property Values Kitchener Family Incomes Kitchener School Ratings
22 Burnaby British Columbia Burnaby Property Values Burnaby Family Incomes Burnaby School Ratings
23 Saskatoon Saskatchewan Saskatoon Property Values Saskatoon Family Incomes Saskatoon School Ratings
24 Regina Saskatchewan Regina Property Values Regina Family Incomes Regina School Ratings
25 Richmond British Columbia Richmond Property Values Richmond Family Incomes Richmond School Ratings

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